Hello, Group

The update for Terra is available.

Few minor bugs are fixed there.

The new feature is explained in the mini class below.

Suppose you need to build the proportional figure, like the double size triangleĀ  or half size circle. I have received this request twice at least (Gerald and Lulian).

You can do it this way now:

InĀ  Precise charting module draw cycle/triangle/pitchfork whatever you need.

Highlight this charting tool -> click
chjcfeeg.pngbutton -> jaacieha.png


Type ratio there:


Ok, now I've created the half size circle, here it is:


Pay attention, the program creates a copy of the original circle and modifies the size of this copy. So the original circle is available as well, you can delete it if you want clicking

Now let us move the second (small) circle. Run "Properties" for this charting tool. You can do it double clicking the last item:


Click this button there:


Look at this,  there is a new option there "All Anchors":


In other words, you can move the whole figure now, like this:


There are some other changes in T18, I am still working on it.

Best regards.