The update for ALL versions is available.

Annual Q cycles are available in all versions now. Q cycle this is one of the most important module now, so I make it's basic variant available for all versions.

I make standardization of Q algorithms, i.e. the same Q algorithm is used in TS Scanner program, in Annual Q Cycle (that presents in Natural Cycle module) and later in Quantum box (in Terra).

So now in Natural Cycles module:

you will get this "Annual Q Strategy" window:

Using this option you define the amount of Q strategies the program will find for you (in this example we are looking for 4 long (waiting up) and 4 short (waiting down) strategies per year):

Pay attention: this option allows to set the minimum transaction length:

BTW, it allows to analyze the same day strategy like this:

We buy open April 7 and sell close the same day April 7.

The first variant of this module is explained here:

Best regards.