Finally, a pilot version of the new module, Paper Charting, is ready, and you can see what it is about. It is in today's upgrade for Terra (follow "TI"->"Super Paper"):


The module emulates a real price chart that might be drawn on a piece of paper. In other words, when you drag/zoom the chart, all its proportions and sizes and angles stay the same.
For example, if you initially draw 45-degree Gann fan, it stays the same 45-degree fan while you manipulate the price chart.

An important note: it is a pilot version only. I would say that the module is complete about 50%.

Now, how does it work?

Press this button "Paper Grid":


You can define here parameters of your "paper": the number of bars per 1 mm, $ amount per 1mm, etc.

Then press "Try" button.
The program will form a price chart that fits your parameters precisely.


Here for EOD chart I set 4 trading days per mm for time scale and $10 per mm - price scale (long term chart example).

This is how this price chart looks:


If the price chart is too big, please use scrolling controls:


You can apply any charting tool to the price chart:


To draw the exact 45 degrees line use this feature:


That is it so far.