The update for ALL versions (including scanner) is available. It is dated November 17, I've uploaded it yesterday evening.

1) In TS two bugs are fixed:

- In turning point analyzer minor bug in calculation last down swing is fixed. Thank you Ken DeBell for your help! It was very tricky bug.

- In similarity module when you choose the custom cycle the "period" button appears:

Thank you Jim Ranum for pointing to this bug.

2) TS Scanner

- bug in "Price Chart and details" is fixed:

For "In Trade" and "Plan to Trade" lists it displayed price chart without split correction, this fact did not affected all other calculations, only price chart view. "Prepare for Trade" list everything was/is Ok.

- in Price chart details there is a new feature that allows to preview Annual strategies. Look at this, it displays the arrows that show how this Annual strategy worked before 1 year ago, 2 years ago etc:

you can select the last arrow

and click these buttons to list the arrows i.e. clicking
button you will see how this strategy worked year ago, in 2014 etc:

I recommend to preview strategies before sending it to trade.

-  regarding averaged volume, my friends be very cautious regarding averages values in finance. It may be very irregular.

Now it displays volume this way with scale to see the whole picture:

Best regards.