The update for all versions is available.

There you will find:

1) Dozen of new financial instruments (such as QQQ, 10 years T bonds, some commodities, etc.) are added to "Library of Symbols". Thanks to Quandl for this possibility.

Reminder: to download any financial instrument, please do this:



2) I did not pay enough attention to Eclipses parametric cycle. This cycle can be considered as a fictive planet that makes a full circle within a period between two consecutive eclipses. Therefore, the ingress of such a planet to Aries can be described as an eclipse. You can define it here:


You can use it everywhere - in ULE, and especially in Composite.
I recommend to play with these cycles:


It is an interesting cycle, and its period is 32 days.
I did a backtesting of several instruments with this cycle, and it seems to me it works. However, more research has to be done.

Best regards.