The update for All versions is available:

1) There are Some changes in Fourier string charting tool. I believe this approach is more suitable for charting than the one used in the previous version.

This approach can be considered as a visual cyclical analysis. It works this way:

I watch the price chart, trying to find some regular patterns there. Something like this:


It looks like some regular wave, it covers two full waves. Now we will try to model this wave using harmonic waves. Do this:


In "Waves" section choose "Fourier sting (2 waves)" charting tool and drag the mouse cursor to cover these two waves:


This is not a trading advice (better look first at Annual cycle).

This is another example: 3 full waves in the beginning of 2014, with "Fourier sting (3 waves)" charting tool I've prolonged this wave into the future:


2) "TS Zigzag indicator" is not working as good as I expected. I mean it does not forecast better than usual RSI. I was so excited with its lack of future leaks... I've spend the whole week with this stupid indicator, tried everything:

- calculate zigzag based on astro similarities (like New Moon zigzag, Full Noon zigzags ...). Combine this indicator with standard RSI. I do not like my results.
That is a story of my life - checking 10 models before finding just one...

Soon I plan to develop new zigzag module that will cover existing Turning Points Analyzer module (Jim Ranum, I remember your notes in Wish list re zigzag, they will be incorporated there). It will be the next iteration to zigzag problem.

Best regards.