Hello, Group

The update for Terra is available.

1) I did a lot of research with Quantum figures module.  As it is now, it may be used to find hidden cycles this way:

- open this module (TI->Quantum Figures)

- and click "Optimize" button there

- you will get something like that:

As I have said, this Quantum model allows to do a cyclical analysis in regards to a trend (it kind of "sees' the trend). It means that every vertical line above indicates either a trend change or trend continuation. We can assume that nothing happens between those lines, inside this quanta.

2) Some modules (like Turbo Cycles) work better with economical cycles. As an example, look at this. You can define a 100-days cycle, then you can create another cycle, with a period = 100*3=300 days. Mathematically, 300-days covers the 100-days cycle in harmonics. However it is worth to emphasize it and watch how it works. You define the period of cycle this way now:

Also please pay attention: you can calculate a correlation between your projection line and the target oscillator for any selected in Main window's interval. Set this option there:

You see, correlation between target (purple line RPO(1,50,50) and projection line (red) 2014-2015 is 0.2349:

Also I recommend for economical cycles to increase the oscillator's period of "Forecast Target". "Be default" target RPO(1,15,15) is too fast for economical data. Here it is:

Best regards.