Hello, Group

I'm still fighting with precise charting module and in today update the new version is available.

Some small bugs are fixed there like replaced these buttons for grid


or paper texture sometimes did no work. Thank you for letting me know about these bugs.

Here are major changes:

1) I temporary disabled "Snap" mode:


I have found the interface conflict between snap mode and auto angle. I need to think how to handle this issue better.

2) All planetary line that you calculated with "Planetary lines" module automatically displayed in "TS precise charting" canvas.

Look at this: I have created two planetary lines:


and now all these lines are displayed in precise charting paper (Jupiter and Mars planetary lines):


3) Pay attention: when you use auto angle feature to draw 45,... and other "right" angles the program LOCKS these charting tools automatically. Otherwise you may modify them by accident. You can lock/unlock any tool very fast now using this button:


4) Paper texture feature works much more better now. It reads *.bmp *.jpg *.gif *.png files.  Also a small library of standard textures is available now.

Best regards.